singer, songwriter & dynamic performer

miss al boogie

is a cavalcade of threats, ready for the world to experience her music.

miss al boogie arrived to NYU campus a South Florida native, not knowing that very soon she would be a self-made Brooklynite with extraordinary hustle and an impressive dance resume. Immersed in Ft. Lauderdale’s “booty music” scene, boogie is also a trained street dancer & instructor in several styles of dance including House and Hip Hop. A self-professed party girl, miss al boogie knows more than most about there being a time to work & a time to play.

The maturity of this perspective would go on to help her navigate the challenges of building a name for herself while bobbing and weaving through the sudden changes that the gentrifying of Brooklyn would eventually present. She continues to survive the ever-morphing composition of her neighborhood by instructing dance classes at the Ailey Extension and is affectionately known as “your favorite substitute dance teacher” at the Broadway Dance Center.

After landing a dance role in Amazon TV’s “Hunters” (choreographer Sherrie Silver), boogie pivoted to working in Film & TV. As a member of SAG-AFTRA and ASCAP, she worked in the film “Once Again” (choreographer Rennie Harris, director Boaz Yakin) and is currently self-producing her music EP, Luv Boogie. boogie also works in digital creation and video making; shooting and editing her own dance videos as well as social media managing arts clients.

miss al boogie’s status as a street dancer, her natural gift for singing and songwriting, as well as her progressive stance on healing communities through the arts are what inform boogie’s sound. boogie makes fun, smart & accessible music that makes the listener move under her spell and away from the problems of day to day reality. Past performance venues include Breedlove NYC, Arlene’s Grocery, The Inspired Word open mic, and Art Cafe + Bar. A truly one of a kind live experience, miss al boogie brings the club to the studio and the stage.

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We raised $4100 on my IFundWomen campaign in 2022. I’ve since upgraded my music studio and released 2 more songs from the Luv, Boogie project.

New single Lopsided released for Women’s History Month!

Listen here:  “Lopsided”. 

AOMM streaming everywhere

Listen here:  “AOMM”. 

For A Short Time streaming everywhere

Listen here:  “For A Short Time”

AOMM music video

Watch this beautiful romp on Governor’s Island!

For A Short Time music video

miss al boogie dances to her single “For A Short Time.”

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